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Overview :

Generic name : Magnetorheological (MR) Damper
Category : Semi active (Controllable) Damper
Product Code : mRHEO S-ACTIVE TM
Type : Linear
Construction : Monotube
(*Applicable for Advanced Vibration/Motion control applications)



mRHEO S-ACTIVE TM is an electronically controllable smart damping device using magnetorheological fluid technology, engineered and designed to smooth out or damp shock impulse in real time based on onboard control management system. Each damper contains an electromagnetic piston and the variable current to the piston alters the viscosity of the fluid instantly thus controlling the damping force in real time.

It is the most advanced suspension technology that responds in real time to external conditions using a special fluid which provides wide range of damping resistance with its unique rheological properties.

In Automobile, It is integrated with the vehicle control management system or suspension control module to offer real time active damping in response to different driving and road conditions based on sensors letting you enjoy your ride with ultimate safety, handling and comfort.

  • Specially blended all weather magnetorheological (Smart) fluid for superior performance
  • Hardened Chrome Plated Piston Rod for smooth functioning
  • High precision and optimized Electromagnetic valves for responsive performance and smooth finish for reduced friction and reliable performance
  • Optimized 6 port piston design for wide damping force range
  • Dual Seal to protect under tough and extreme weather conditions
  • Wide Range of Damping force
  • Ability to define the Force Vs Velocity curve
  • Real time damping
  • Energy efficient , Low power Consumption (Range 0 – 1 Amp ,12 V DC)
  • Fail-safe mode technology
  • Highly Reliable and durable system
  • Smooth & Continuously Variable damping
  • Simple yet Powerful technology. Unlike Conventional damping technology, No External energy sources added – No mechanical Valves/Discs – No limited manual click mechanism – No use of Electromechanical actuators/Air compressors. Supersedes the conventional technology in terms of Performance (Response Speed, Damping force range , Low power requirement, Fail safe), Reliability & Durability
  • Quieter , faster , and cleaner mode of operation.
  • Unlimited ride control settings all at a go.
  • Safety UltimateHandling MaximumComfort Superior
  • The suspension system is far less likely to crash against its travel limits (Stroke), therefore Top and bottom out is nearly eliminated.
  • No use of mechanical valves, thus the wear and tear of mechanical components is highly mitigated.
  • Chassis and suspension components show less fatigue over the operating lifetime.
  • Fail safe mode operability. In a far less likely event of electronic malfunction, these dampers act in a passive mode unlike active suspension system.
  • Reduced operator fatigue, as a result motion sickness is eliminated and risk of injury is averted.
  • Improved overall chassis life , Improved vehicle dynamics and driver comfort and reduced maintenance & Life cycle costs.

Vehicle Platforms

  • O.E.M
  • Aftermarket
  • EV
  • Commercial buses
  • Trucks & Trailers
  • Defense
  • Railways
  • Motorsports Racing
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Motorcycles


  • Industrial Machinery
  • Prosthetic Smart Dampers
  • Structural Dampers

AMT-Control management system (CMS)

AMT-Control management system (CMS) is a dedicated control solution kit that offers customized damping specifically designed for the end user. It comprises a microcontroller and some signal conditioning and power driver circuitry. The microcontroller typically has advanced control algorithms*/software embedded into a powerful microprocessor to control and continually adjust the damping performance in real time. The microcontroller takes its input from the integrated sensors and offers optimized damping solutions 1000 times per second using the Magnetorheological fluid technology to enable the best ride possible in terms of Handling, Comfort and Safety

AMT-CMS can be designed and configured suitable to your end use needs. We understand your application needs in detail and offer the best possible damping solutions using Magnetorheological (MR) technology

Highlights :

  • AMT works with the best of control experts and Vehicle dynamics team that works with automotive companies and motorsports teams to enhance the suspension performance.
  • AMT can offer end to end solutions from Design to Manufacturing, testing & Validation to onboard performance management. * Easy to integrate with the vehicle electronic systems.

Available Modules :

Standard Modules

(*MRF Based – Non Pressurized)

(*Semi MRF – Nitrogen Gas Pressurized)

Customized Modules

Spring Type

  • Coil Over  (*Durable Coil Springs to support the weight )
  • Air spring (* Enables Ride Height Adjustability )

Construction Type

  • Monotube Shock
  • Strut
  • Telescopic fork

Additional Accessories

  • Dust cover  (* To protect the rod and seal from extreme weather conditions)

Redefining the philosophy of Vibration/Motion Control with Magnetorheological Fluid Technology

Suspension Technology – Overview

Low Cost
Easy Maintenance
Easy to replace
One specific damping curve
Limited damping
Low ride & Handling quality
Low Road to Tire contact
Passenger discomfort
Low safety level
Broad Damping curve
Electronically controllable
Ride-height adjustability
High Energy consumption
No fail safe Disabled suspension with Electrical/Part Failure
Heavier & Complicated
Maintenance cost is high
Semi Active
Magnetorheological (MR) Damping Solutions
Wide Damping force range
Fail safe
Real time damping
Low Energy consumption
Electronically controllable
Simple mechanism without any valves
Moderately Expensive

Best of both worlds with Magnetorheological suspension technology

Performance Passive Active Semi Active(MRS)
Damping force range Limited (One specific) Average Broad
Controllability No Yes (Energy) Yes ( Smart fluid)
Response time High Low Real Time
Ride & Handling Compromise Good Excellent
Comfort Compromise Excellent Excellent
Selectable ride feature No Yes Yes
Safety & Reliability
Fail Safe rating NA
Ease of Maintenance
Power consumption
Enery consumption level NA
Price range