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About Us

Arus MR Tech` (a.k.a AMT) has evolved from extensive research over years on smart fluids named “Magneto Rheological (MR) fluid” and ventured into commercialization in the recent years.

AMT specializes in the production of top of the line Magnetorheological (MR) Fluid solutions,an extensive line of controllable smart fluids deployed for advanced Vibration/Motion control devices in the tradename AMT-DAMPRO+, AMT- MAGNAFLO+, AMT-SMARTEC+ and also offer Advanced Engineering / R&D solutions in the product development based on MR fluids.

Since its launch in 2015, AMT has offered and continues to offer advanced MR solutions to cater the needs of Industrial Clients, Top Automotive research institutes & Emerging O.E Manufacturers.Our Growing clientele includes top Automotive O.E manufacturers, smart fluids research institutes, automotive aftersales market/ service, Military & defense organizations, top technical & research institutions all across the globe.AMT over the years has gained a hard-won reputation as a respected and trustworthy partner in industry.

Quick Highlights

  • Our infrastructure is boasted with well-equipped high tech manufacturing base with R&D laboratory.
  • Formulated and engineered in Italy, Made in India product.
  • AMT’s range of Magnetorheological (MR) fluids is currently the advanced MR solutions in terms of technical and functional characteristics, tested by MCR series and certified by Industry Professionals.
  • Our products undergo stringent quality checks by certified technicians.
  • Dedicated Team for Technical Assistance and After-Sales Customer support

Our Vision

To become a global Leader in MR solutions and Smart devices of the 21st century

Arus MR Tech` is deeply committed to its vision of being the Trusted & Reliable partner of choice by developing on its proven foundation of trust, service and innovation in the Research, Applied and Commercial Market of Smart Material, Smart devices and MR Technology.

With ever changing consumer needs and market evolution, to accomplish our vision and beyond we look ahead to adapt and prepare our stakeholders to the future trends, creating competitive edge with MR technology and product innovation that will make a valuable impact in the future. The values and ethics inbred in AMT is the key to translate its vision into reality

Our Mission

To redefine smart mobility for a safer, smoother and better world